Isolate the sound of your drum kit

This 5 Piece Acrylic Drum Shield can be placed in front of your kit to isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session, or it can allow you to lower your band's overall stage volume by reducing the amount of drum sound in the stage mix.

This versatile shield can also be placed behind the drum kit to reflect more sound toward the audience in outdoor venues.

The two end panels feature mouse holes at the base, so it's easy to run cables for mikes or e-drums through the shield. The five 5-1/2 ft. x 2 ft. panels require no assembly and fit together with flexible hinges, making setup and tear down simple.

Each hinge runs the entire length of the connection, providing better sound dampening than ever before, as well as increased stability and safety.


  • Cut drum volume onstage and in the studio
  • Help prevent mic bleed in sensitive recording situations
  • Flexible hinges for easy placement and configuration
  • Cable-management holes let you run cables to and from the drums

Isolate your drums while recording

The Gibraltar GDS-5 drum shield helps isolate your drum kit in sensitive recording situations. Nothing can ruin a good recording session faster than mic bleed - no one wants to hear the drums in the singer's microphone.

Using the GDS-5, you can keep your drums shielded from other microphones onstage or in the studio.

Lower the drum volume at gigs

Quickly and easily lower drum volume at any venue with the Gibraltar GDS-5 drum shield. This is perfect for smaller clubs, private engagements, and houses of worship.

The clear acrylic panels help keep the drums from overwhelming the room, without sacrificing visibility.

Another great use for this drum shield is to place it behind the drummer - this will give you more projection into the audience at outdoor gigs.

Run cables easily to and from your drums

Gibraltar designed the GDS-5 drum shield to be used live and in the studio. Two convenient cable-management holes let you easily run mic and monitor cables to and from the drum kit.

The Gibraltar GDS-5 is ready to take on all of your drum-isolation needs.


  • Five of 5-1/2 foot x 10 foot panels
  • Four full-length flexible hinges
  • Two Mouse holes for cables on both end panels

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Brand Gibraltar

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