Eleven-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

Introducing the Strike Pro Special Edition

The new Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition sets a new standard in electronic drum kits. It features a full size 20 inch kick drum for an incredibly realistic feel and impact, latest generation mesh heads for unequalled response and the most capable, versatile drum module ever.

The full size kick gives drummers an unprecedented degree of response and impact - completely unmatched by any other electronic kit - enabling the Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition to absolutely redefine the playing experience and realism for electronic drums.

The Alesis Strike Pro SE electronic drum kit combines dramatic aesthetics, natural response and superior sound for a unique drumming experience that bridges the acoustic and electronic drum worlds.

Each feature of the Strike Pro SE is designed to immerse drummers in the moment and inspire brilliant performances.

Hybrid wood shells, tunable mesh heads as well as distinctive black hardware all contribute to Strike Pro SE’s familiar look and feel. Being an electronic kit, you have the benefit of playing whenever you like without making any noise by using headphones.

A lot of acoustic drummers are hesitant about playing an electronic kit, but this is a whole new beast. It combines the best of both acoustic and electronic - you get all the convenience and sounds of an electronic kit, yet it looks and plays just like an acoustic kit.

The Strike Pro's sound module puts over 136 complete drum kits at your fingertips, covering every imaginable genre and style. Plus, you can load and edit custom samples to build your own signature sets - this drum module is simply amazing!


  • Designed to look and respond like an acoustic set
  • Holds its own with some of the industry's premier e-drum kits
  • Comes loaded with 136 complete drum kits and over 1,800 multi-sampled sounds
  • Wood shells and tunable mesh heads respond like acoustic drums with low noise
  • "Hammered" cymbals have a controlled bounce and good stick response
  • Fusion drum sizes provide a comfortable transition between acoustic and electronic kits
  • Dual-zoned toms, snare, and cymbals and a 3-zoned ride yield dynamic performances
  • Includes a 14" snare, 8/10/12/14" toms, and a 20" kick
  • Includes 3 x 14" crashes, a 16" ride, and 14" hi-hats
  • Strike Pro Module with 4.3" colour LCD lets you edit drum sounds with ease
  • Mixer faders give you complete control of your mix into headphones or speakers
  • Eight direct outputs allow for studio-quality record editing
  • Strike Software Editor lets you import new drum sounds into the module over Mac/PC
  • On-board sampler lets you capture organic sounds right from the module
  • MIDI and USB connections communicate with your virtual instruments and samplers
  • Includes a drum rack and double-braced snare stand for dependable setups

The Look and Feel of an Acoustic Drum Kit

The original Alesis Strike drums were revolutionary, featuring an all-new drum and cymbal design.

The new Strike Pro Special Edition builds on that legacy, most notably with its full-sized 20-inch kick drum. It looks and feels like an acoustic drum, and when you sit behind the Strike Pro Special Edition - with its full size kick - the playing and visual feel is fundamentally identical to an acoustic set.

You’ll feel at ease right away - no having to “get used to it.”

The Strike Pro Special Edition’s kick is solid and sturdy, with no wobble. It responds and feels like an acoustic bass drum. It’s simply ground-breaking.

All-New Mesh Heads

However, there is far more that makes the Strike Pro Special Edition an extraordinary playing experience than just the full-sized kick.

To begin with, the Strike Pro SE utilises all new latest generation mesh heads, with both snare and all toms being dual zone. Their response is faster, more natural and easier to play than ever before.

You will fly over these heads, effortlessly laying down powerful grooves and snapping off crisp fills.

The Strike Pro SE’s patented enhanced articulation system and latest-generation tunable mesh heads provide incredible responsiveness for picking up subtle ghost notes and accents. 

These heads won’t fight you - instead, these new Alesis mesh heads are your best allie.

Superior Cymbal Performance

Strikingly realistic, the Strike Pro SE’s cymbal-set includes a 3-zone ride with edge, bow, and bell sounds, three crashes with choke and a life-like high-hat that you can groove and bounce.

The Strike Pro Special Edition's 16” ride cymbal, 14” crash and 14” movable hi-hat feel spectacularly realistic - they are covered with a new thick comfortable rubber that creates the perfect blend of feel, control, bounce and volume.

The cymbals offer a large bell area for enhanced playability, along with a cool “hammered” look. Plus, these cymbals are much quieter than traditional e-cymbals, perfect for your late-night practice sessions when volume needs to be minimised.

The new hi-hat in particular sets a new e-standard for fast response, solidity and its amazing ability to convey a deft, subtle touch.

Strike Performance Drum Module

The Strike Pro Module is by far the most versatile and capable module that Alesis has ever offered.

A large measure of the amazing playability and character of this kit is due to the expansive sound library, with over 136 custom kits made from over 1800 instruments and 45,000 samples!

The module has on-board sampling capability, 16 GB external card storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity, which you can use in conjunction with your favourite music production software as well as the powerful Strike Software Editor.

With this editor players can assemble their own custom samples into multiple velocity layer and round-robin instruments, piece together the perfect drum kit, and then transfer it onto the module via USB.

Every feature and control is incredibly easy to keep track of, thanks to the Strike Pro Module’s 4.3-inch colour LED screen, which displays all the player’s settings and choices at a quick glance.

It all adds up to unprecedented flexibility and programmability, combined with total mastery of the kit’s status.

What's in the box?

  • Strike Performance Drum Module
  • 20" kick
  • 14" dual-zone snare
  • 8" dual-zone tom
  • 10" dual-zone tom
  • 12" dual-zone tom
  • 14" dual-zone tom
  • 14" dual-zone movable hi-hat system
  • 16" triple-zone ride w/ choke
  • 3 x 14" dual-zone crashes w/choke
  • Premium black 4-post steel rack
  • Black and gold rack mounting hardware
  • Double-braced chrome snare drum stand
  • Cable snake
  • Cable wraps
  • Drum key
  • Drum sticks
  • Power supply
  • Strike module user guide
  • Kit assembly guide
  • Safety and warranty manual

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